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Business case

Reading barcodes is a part of the Customer's business process. But, the routines used by the Customer were only capable of reading a barcode within the image supplied by a region. The routines had no mechanism for actually locating a barcode. All they could do was attempt to read throughout the whole region until a positive read is encountered. This was not very efficient and could produce false reads. As a result, the Customer required a routine that can identify the image signature of a barcode and return an array of barcode locations.

Solution overview

Inteks developed the library allowing to read barcodes with noise and turn within in the 10-degree. Thus, the library can identify nearly 95% image signature of a barcode and return an array of barcode locations.


The implemented library allows the Customer to recognize an image signature of barcodes which are sloped and distorted with noise, getting a high degree of recognition probability.

Tools and technologies

Target OS:
Implementation languages:
Development Tools:
Visual Studio 6.0
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