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Project Name:

BSS - Business Support System


Inteks LLC - custom software development company.

Business case:

An IT company delivers its services via projects, which means that it creates a unique product or service within a defined scope, quality, time and cost. Projects require a lot of management effort, including:

Project progress tracking
Resources management
Risk management
Quality management

Inteks needed a system which would help project managers to perform their daily tasks.

Solution overview:

The system was developed and successfully tested by Inteks in a real work environment. Currently the product it includes the following functionality:

Managing project tasks
Project progress tracking
Collecting performers time spent reports
Providing different views on collected statistics

The system is a web-based application - this form was chosen because it provides easy remote access and allows customer to easily track project status.

Currently we are implementing advanced functionality for the Risk management module. Risk management is designed to collect statistics about the risks affecting various projects, use these stats to identify risks in new projects more easily, and develop successful mitigation strategies.


The system allows Inteks LCC to minimize the costs of project management by automating the submission and processing of time spent reports and the generation of statistical reports. Additionally it enables the customer to easily track project status.

Tools and technologies:

     Server-side OS:

Debian Linux

     Client browsers:

Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and higher

     Implementation platform:

PHP 5.1

     Web server:

Apache HTTPD 2.0

     Database system:

MySQL 4.1

     Development tools:

Eclipse SDK 3.1, Eclipse SDK 3.2, Eclipse SDK 3.3
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