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    Credit History Bureau

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Project Name:

Credit History Bureau


Zauralskoe loan office

Business case:

Our customer required a system that would store consumer credit reports in a centralized database, provide a quick and safe access to this information for banks and other credit organizations, and automatically deposit new credit reports into the Central Catalogue of Credit Histories.

The product had to comply with the Russian federal law regulating the content, storage, editing, and sharing of credit reports.

Solution overview:

Inteks has implemented a system named Credit History Bureau. The system completely automates all operations with credit reports and manages authorized access to the central storage.

The product also features the following key functions:

collecting information from various data furnishers (banks and other credit organizations);
searching, viewing, and editing of credit reports;
sharing of credit information upon queries from various companies;
depositing title information of credit reports into the Central Catalogue;
providing credit reports to subjects upon their request;
generating billing reports.

Besides, the system provides encryption of data while exchanging it with the Central Catalogue and the data furnishers, using cryptographic protection software "Verba-OW" and Crypto-pro.

Tools and technologies:

     Server OS:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4

     Client Browser:

Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher

     Database server:


     Web server:

Apache 2 (with PHP 5 module)

     Development tools:

Eclipse SDK 3.3
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