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Online Media Management

A system that helps TV companies quickly find storaged information and produce new broadcasts, shows, programs etc.

Media Distribution System

A platform allows video content providers to deliver licensed high-quality video clips to online viewers and to protect the distributed video from unauthorized viewing. The system also tracks how many times the uploaded video clips and commercials were viewed and provides comprehensive reports to advertisers.

Business Support System

A project management system that helps PMs perform their daily tasks: project progress tracking, resources management, risk management, and quality management.

Credit History Bureau

A system that completely automates all operations with credit reports and manages authorized access to the central storage.

Community Portal

Community Portal is an online tool for quick and convenient exchange of messages between website visitors. The system also saves messages to memory and arranges them into folders.

Web2.0 Community Site

Web2.0 Community Site is an online tool for centralized management of user profiles published on all websites the user is registered on. The tool with the following popular blogs: MySpace, Friendster, BuzzNet, TagWorld, and Xanga.

Customer Management System

Marketing application for a network of restaurants that allows to gather information on customer experience and build reports for further analysis.

Media Management

An application that allows storing digitized media, creating tape transcripts online and preparing scenes combined from several tapes' fragments.

Real Estate Portal

A real estate portal allows property owners and/or realtors to publish advertisements both on web site and in printed Mass Media and other users (potential property buyers/renters) to search property and contact advertisement publishers.

Integration Layer for E-commerce Platform

Set of webservices for telecommunication company sales platform those tie presentation and logic of their eCommerce platform and a partial implementation of platform user interface.


A library that implements efficient algorithm of locating barcode areas in some image.

Matrix View

A toolkit that allows to visualize and monitor network activity between a big number of nodes. The tool utilizes an original spike-detection algorithm and provides system administrators an ability to detect enormous network activity connected with hackers' attacks, viruses, worms etc.

MHP Library

A collection of GUI components those correspond to MHP standard and employeed for interactive television (iTV) applications development.

Order-processing E-commerce Site

A powerful order-processing site with centralized shopping cart that enables static Web sites to sell their products online.

Federated Knowledge Base

A service that enables employees to work with a set of heterogeneous information sources through a single point of access.


A solution that gives customers an ability to access a wide variety of financial services, which provided by a number of companies, via a single Web-site.

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