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A USA company - provider of a full range of insurance and investment products for private and business purposes.

Business case

Choosing the best-fit service plan is difficult for any potential customer, since information on financial services is spread over a multitude of sources. Current web solutions provide on-line quoting; however, the underwriting process takes additional time, effort and paper work.
The Customer required the system which would give customers direct access to a wide variety of financial services offered by a number of companies. Services include residential mortgages, personal insurance (auto, homeowners, life, health, disability, and long-term care), and financial planning and investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, estate planning, banking). The system had to give users an opportunity to compare the offerings.
The system was supposed to provide a web interface for on-line quoting and underwriting. On-line underwriting involves addressing a number of national databases via specially designed interfaces for proof checking the user data, calculating risks, etc.

Solution overview

Inteks designed and implemented the system with the following functional modules:
Quoting Engine with implemented quoting algorithms, which takes user data and searches the database to produce results for all available offerings for a selected service. The Quoting Engine may be extended with new algorithms within run-time.
Underwriting Module, which allows to process application forms in XML. In the process of underwriting, an XML form is filled with user data and the resulting XML- application document is converted to PDF or HTML and presented to the user.
Contact Management.
Financial Service Management.


The system significantly decreases time spent by customers for quoting and underwriting due to implementation of corresponding on-line processes. The Company's infrastructure and personnel costs are minimized due to increased accessibility of its products via Internet.

Tools and technologies

Server-side OS:
Windows NT 4.0
Implementation platform:
Application server:
IBM WebSphere 4.0.x
Web server:
IBM HTTP Server 1.3.19
Database system:
Oracle 8.1.5
Development Tools:
WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0
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