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  Federated Knowledge Base

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Project name

Federated Knowledge Base


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Business case

The Customer experienced serious problems with communication between employees in different company's divisions. The problems could be resolved by implementation of a service enabling employees to access information about various successful solutions, that is, by creation of company knowledge base. Information from the base was supposed to be accessible via wide set of devices, such as Desktop Computers, PDA, cellular phones (both WML and HDML). The company required an open architecture, so that it would be easy to add new data storage or a new client type, and distributed knowledge base with location-specific and platform-specific storages (DB2, MS-SQL or XML files, etc).

Solution overview

Inteks offered a full-scale knowledge base application supporting the following types of document storage:
Legacy RDBMS Document storage;
Legacy Lotus Notes Databases;
The system provides ability for user management and documents search and retrieval.


The solution allowed reducing costs of internal communications and searching for information by unifying different data storages into one common Knowledge Base.
The solution made adding new types of data storage easy, fast and low-cost.

Tools and technologies

Server-side OS:
Windows 2000
Implementation platform:
Application server:
WebSphere Application server 4.0.x
Web server:
Apache HTTPD 1.3.x
Database system:
DB2 UDB v.7.0
Asynchronous messaging:
WebSphere MQ v5.2.x
Development Tools:
WebSphere Studio Application Developer v 4.0.2
Registry 1.0.1
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