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  UML Editor

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Project name

UML Editor


Covered by NDA

Business case

If once you were involved in a software development project, you know what a headache requirements gathering may be. No wonder that a lot of mistakes are made during this process, since analysts and customers talk about system requirements in different ways. While ones speak in terms of system-user interaction, i.e. terms of user interface, the others use the language of specifications and UML. But UML, no matter how powerful it may be, has no means to describe the system in a way equally understandable for both users and developers. As a result, tons of requirements specifications are produced, which customer needs to read and approve without even a chance to understand them in full. GUI prototypes are believed to be a silver bullet in this case, but, in fact, provide only little help. Even approved by customer, a prototype may not correspond to a UML model designed by analyst and used later by architects. Apparently, the principle "what you see is what you get" has not worked in this area since the first steps of IT as an industry. The solution requested by the Customer was requirements analysis oriented CASE tool which combines UML technology with automated GUI-prototype generation and reverse engineering. The tool was expected to guarantee that both sets of requirements (UML model and GUI prototype) are consistent at any stage of the development process.

Solution overview

Inteks developed UML Editor with customer-patented extensions. The tool utilizes Eclipse platform, GEF and EMF frameworks.


Quick buy-in and clear communication between customers and software development team, as a result of combining activity diagrams with GUI prototyping. Forward and reverse engineering of activity diagrams combined with GUI prototyping is available as a Rational Rose add-in or as a stand-alone tool.

Tools and technologies

Target OS:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Implementation platform:
Eclipse platform 2.x
UI library:
SWT 2.x
(H)MVC framework:
Eclipse GEF 2.x
Development Tools:
Eclipse SDK 2.1.2
Rational Rose 2002
Apache Ant
MSVC 6.0
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