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 Integration Layer for E-commerce Platform

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Project name

Integration Layer for E-commerce Platform


A French company - provider of a wide range of telecommunication services.

Business case

Customer intended to perform refactoring of the e-commerce platform used to provide online sales of its services (digital TV, ADSL, phone/mobile phone access). The main functionality was located in the PL/SQL stored procedures, but the system also required interaction with Siebel system.
The goal of the project was to develop the following set of components:
Logger component to be used by all other components of the system.
Integration layer formed as a set of webservices to be used by other components of the e-commerce platform and by external systems in order to access logic implemented in PL/SQL procedures. Webservice operations are related to order creation and processing. Integration layer is also designed to cooperate with Siebel by creating specifically formatted XML files, maintain archive of requests and implement some business rules not included.
Struts-based web interface for placing online orders.

Solution overview

Inteks implemented logger component and application integration layer according to the Customer's requirements. Solution was integrated into the new version of the Customer's online sales portal.

Tools and technologies

Server-side OS:
Solaris 9
Implementation language:
Servlet container:
TOMCAT 4.1.31
Web development frameworks:
Struts 1.2.7
Enterprise Application integration services:
Apache AXIS 1.2.1
XML Technologies:
XSLT (via Xalan XSLT processor)
Development Tools:
Eclipse 3.1
ANT 1.6.5
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