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Inteks provides Java development outsourcing services, basing on company’s solid background in this technology. Java is well-known for its cross-platform capabilities and stability.

If you feel Java technology is suitable for your project, send us your request for quote right now. If you are not sure about the technology to choose - please contact Inteks' experts for free consulting.

J2EE is programming platform - part of Java Platform. It was originally designed for developing and running large distributed Java applications. Now J2EE provides great capabilities for creating scalable enterprise applications working on numerous platforms.

Java/J2EE was chosen by Inteks' specialists as a stable and reliable platform for variety of projects, from standalone Java applications to large J2EE-based enterprise systems.

We employ numerous technologies/APIs built on top of J2EE in our projects, including EJB, Servlets/JSP, Web services, JNDI, JDBC, JTA, Spring, Struts, Hibernate and others technologies and APIs.

Inteks' experts have a vast experience with Java/J2EE and have been working in lots of Java-based projects for the last 6 years. Our specialists have experience in developing and running J2EE applications on various application servers, including:

IBM WebSphere Advanced Server
BEA WebLogic Server
Oracle Application Server

Detailed descriptions of Inteks Java-based projects can be found here and J2EE ones there.

Feel free to request more infromation on Inteks' experience in Java/J2EE development.

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