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Large Japanese network provider.

Business case

The Customer required ability to retrieve network traffic between two nodes of multi-node network and visualize this information as 2-dimensional matrix. Traffic matrix was to be computed from device parameters retrieved via SNMP using an algorithm provided by the Customer.

Solution overview

Inteks developed the solution according to the Customer's specification. The solution includes three main subsystems:
Configuration module that enables to setup parameters of network devices monitored by the program.
Measurement module that monitors devices via SNMP and calculates input and output traffic between each pair of network nodes.
Visualization module that provides results as a table, colored 3-D barchart and colored tables. Colors are determined by preconfigured color map.


Increase of network management capabilities by allowing monitoring and analyzing network traffic.

Tools and technologies

Target OS:
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Implementation languages:
Network Protocols:
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