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    Media Distribution System

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Project Name:

Media Distribution System


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Business case:

Our customer needed a platform for video content providers to deliver their video content to anyone connected to the internet. The distributed media was to include commercial ads. The system should be able to deliver licensed high-quality video clips and protect the distributed video from unauthorized viewing. The system should allow users to download a full length motion picture for a small fee or for free. The system had to track how many times the video clips and commercials were viewed and provide comprehensive reports to advertisers.

Solution overview:

Inteks developed a platform consisting of a number of subsystems for provisioning, delivery, and playback of video content:

Media processing subsystem allows video content providers to input media into the          system and prepare it for publishing. Video content providers can specify media          genres; license attributes (valid period time, valid geographical territories). Media          processing subsystem outputs media products protected with Microsoft DRM and          packaged into a custom media container ready for publishing.
Client application allows end users to download and view media content produced by          media processing subsystem. Client application includes a custom media player          based on DirectShow. The video clips published via the system can only be viewed          with this player. The player can register how many times media and commercials were          viewed.
License Server delivers DRM licenses only to registered users. License Server checks          the license expiration date, valid territories, etc.
Client website enables users to navigate the published media library and select          content for downloading.

Tools and technologies:

     Server OS:

Windows 2003 Server

     Client OS:

Windows XP

     Development tools:

Eclipse 3.1
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

     Development Toolkit:

Java 1.5
.NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft Media Format 9.5 SDK
Microsoft Rights Management SDK
Microsoft DirectX SDK
Spring 1.2.7
Hibernate 3.1
NHibernate 1.0
On2 Flix Engine
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