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  Media Management

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Project name

Media Management


Teresis Inc.

Business case

Television show teams needed to have a tool facilitating their production process: they required a system to digitize media tapes automatically, transcribe them and make scenes combined of fragments from several tapes.
The system would store digitized media and allow creating documents and transcripts linked to the media. The system would allow several geographically separated users (show team and producers) share information and work with it simultaneously.
It would be a multiplatform solution for both Mac OS X and Windows, because different end-users had different infrastructure (based either on Mac stations or on Windows stations).

Solution overview

Inteks developed a web-based system that enables users to store digitized media, create tape transcripts online and prepare scenes combined of fragments from several tapes. It is a system with "thin client", which means that users need only a web browser and some other standard programs included into OS installation in order to start working with the system. The system provides an ActiveX control for playing media on Windows and an applet based player for Macintosh users. Media player for Windows is based on Windows Media Player 10 component; player for Mac was developed in Java using Quick Time SDK. Both players for Windows and Mac OS X can be controlled using special USB foot pedals device. The system includes a WYSIWYG JavaScript based editor for creation of tape transcripts and a number of other complex web based tools that help user to create transcripts and scenes. The system provides advanced functionality for searching data in transcripts. It can export transcript data in several formats used in media industry.


The system significantly decreases time necessary to produce a TV show series. It enables a geographically separated team to work on a show simultaneously.

Tools and technologies

Target OS:
Windows XP Home and Pro
Windows 2003 Server
Mac OS X 10.4.2
Implementation platform:
Lotus Domino 6.5
Development Toolkit:
Java 1.4.2
Active X
Windows Media Player 10 SDK
Quick Time SDK
Apple HID Utilities
Windows HID API
Development Tools:
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Eclipse 3.1
IntelliJ Idea 4.x, 5.x
Domino Designer 6.5
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