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    Online Media Management

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Project Name:

Online Media Management


Covered by NDA

Business case:

The customer needed a system which would help TV companies prepare new releases: shows, programs, or any other broadcasts. The preparation of a broadcast is called "postproduction". Postproduction involves various types of decision making. Therefore, the key requirement to the system was that it should be able to find any information stored, fast. Time is critical in postproduction; even the shortest downtime can lead to significant financial losses. So, besides being able to quickly search for information, the system had to be highly reliable.

Solution overview:

Inteks developed a system which helps TV companies to almost fully automate postproduction. The solution consists of several components:

Encoder helps generate video in digital format from video tape footage. Video is the          main type of data stored in the system.
Web Application is the interface for TV company personnel. There are various forms          and views which allow users to manage and search data. The application includes          complex authorization module which allows to flexibly customize privileges for different          types of users. The core of the application is the player which allows users to view          digital video, edit it and control it with external devices. Thus the entire postproduction          process is taken care of online, using only a web browser.

A further extension of this system is 100% web-enabled, allowing various TV companies to be hosted on a single server. They can share information with other TV companies, thus increasing the quality of output product.

Tools and technologies:

     Server OS:

Windows 2003 Server

     Client Browser:

Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher
Safari 2.0 and higher

     Client OS:


     Development Toolkit:

.NET Framework 3.0

     Development Tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
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