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  Order-processing E-commerce Site

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Order-processing e-commerce site


A Belgian company - e-services provider.

Business case

Currently nearly all small businesses aspire to increase their market reach through setting up a site on the Internet.
However, some of them don't have adequate funds for building a full-fledged interactive web site, and others don't want to invest a lot of money into start-up e-commerce projects.
As a result, many businesses have static web sites where visitors can only get contact information and product catalog. Our customer decided to add technical means allowing visitors of such sites to order and buy products online. The idea was to create a central order-processing site, link static sites of small businesses to such system, and make the central processing system handle all their online shopping operations. Thus, smaller businesses with limited budgets don't need to spend money for building their own order-processing systems.

Solution overview

We responded to the customer's need by creating a powerful order-processing site with central shopping cart. From now on, every time an online shopper wants to buy some product items on the static site connected to the system, he/she clicks on "Buy now" button for a specific product, and the program automatically transfers a shopper to the central order-processing site where a client can submit an order, pay for a product, get comprehensive information on the due taxes and discounts available, and shipping costs. Proprietors of the static sites pay the customer a regular fee which is considerably smaller than the cost of interactive B2C website development.


Our customer obtained a new source of revenue from providing much-demanded service.
Small Web businesses benefit from getting a tool enabling them to sell their products online.

Tools and technologies

Server-side OS:
Implementation platform:
Application server:
BEA WebLogic 7.0
Web server:
Apache HTTPD 1.3.x
Database system:
Oracle 8.1.7
Development Tools:
Rational Rose 2002
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